Just You & Me 


Whether you're looking to celebrate your very first family vacation together.... your honeymoon.... or your 50th wedding anniversary... is there any better way than to spend it together, discovering new destinations? Classic Travel Connection LOVES helping couples find that perfect place to celebrate these special life milestones.

Each person's idea of romance travel is different and our passion is to help you discover and experience your perfect dream for where and how you travel with the one you love the most! For some the perfect getaway for two is lying on the beach on a tropical island, crystal blue water and white sand, topped off with your own personal butler delivering your colorful fruity beverages. Others may prefer zip lining through the rainforest together, sleeping under the stars in an African Safari camp, or a chartered private yacht cruising the Almafi Coast of Italy together. Others may dream of castles... whether it be the ancient castles of Europe, or the fairy tale castles in Disney World. Whatever your dream, Classic Travel Connection is here to help design your perfect romantic getaway.