Travel Inspired by Disney Movies

As Disney revamps several of its classic tales such as Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, and recently Aladdin, travellers do not have to stay in Orlando or Anaheim to experience Disney’s magic. Several family and Disney lovers alike are jetting off all over the globe on Disney-inspired adventures. With the new film Aladdin being shot in Jordan, Middle-Eastern and Asian travel interest has spiked for those looking for some high adventure. On that note, let’s hop on a carpet and explore a whole new world, from France to Agrabah.

One of the first live-actions to take off from Walt Disney Studios was Cinderella. Though it was filmed in Buckinghamshire at iconic locations such as Windsor Castle and Old Royal Naval College, the story actually takes place in France. Great Britain and France have dozens of medieval castles and beautiful landscapes that look straight out of a fairytale. The Château de Pierrefonds located just northeast of Paris is one of the main castles that inspired the palace in Cinderella’s tale and is open to visitors. The Château de Chenonceau in the tiny village of Chenonceaux, France was also an inspiration for the magical castle. While you are there, be on the lookout for fairy godmothers and magic pumpkins.

It is well known that Beauty and the Beast takes place in a small village in France. After all, one of the first songs begins with the common french greeting Bonjour!You will not have to travel far into France’s countryside to see the stunning landscape that parallels to the fields and scenery in the film. The little town that inspired Belle’s village was Alsace, a picturesque region in North-West France. With a mix of French and German influence, the town’s pastoral architecture is clearly seen in both the animated and live-action films.However, the Beast’s castle was inspired by the Chateau de Chambord in Loir-Et-Cher, France.

We are all counting down the days until the release of the newest live-action Aladdin and people are already inspired by the film to do some travelling. Based on the tale A Thousand and One Nights, Aladdin brings Arabian culture to life through clothes, music, and architecture. In the small country of Jordan, the ancient Nabatean city of Petra is our very own Cave of Wonders. Lavish gardens and colorful palaces in Iran will have guests looking for Princess Jasmine and the Sultan amidst the flora. And let us not forget the countless local markets that exists all over Jordan, Iran, and Oman where you might be able to purchase your own magic carpet. If the carpet doesn’t work out, opt for a paragliding tour off of Oman’s Musandam Peninsula as well as dozens of other adventurous activities.

Though these are just the few live-action films that have been released by Disney (so far!), there are plenty of other destinations that remind you of your favorite Disney film.

Head on down to New Orleans for a nice plate of delicious beignets that taste like they were made by Princess Tiana herself. You could also take an adventurous Louisiana bayou tour where you are sure to see hundreds of fireflies and maybe even a few gators.

While you are in France touring the other Fairytale castles, you may also wish to stop by Mont Saint-Michel in Normandy which bears a striking resemblance to the Kingdom of Corona in Tangled. The island castle is also open to visitors if you are willing to make the journey.

Want more Disney-inspired adventures? We here at Classic Travel Connection want to make your vacation as magical as possible. If you would like more information on any of these locations or want to plan a Disney trip, please contact us. Our travel advisors would love to help you!