Is traveling to Europe on your #BucketList?

Traveling to Europe is a dream that most everyone has. Whether you are young and single wishing to travel solo or backpack across the continent or you are looking for a glamorous getaway with your spouse, Europe has something for everyone. We here at Classic Travel Connection want you and your friends to have the best European trip with the best weather possible. Though the weather can be unpredictable, each season offers a variety of temperatures and weather suited for any type of traveler.

For those planning on backpacking across Europe or wish to travel on a budget, we recommend going during the off-season (November - March). There will be less tourists and you will be able to experience the magic of European cultures without the crowds. You will also be able to get cheaper airfare and hotels during this season. The weather is a bit more unpredictable during this time, with rains more common in Northeastern Europe and colder temperatures during the winter months. However, if you can brave the few days of bad weather, it will pay off in the long run.


If you are planning a ski trip or wish to visit the Christmas Markets, the months of November, December, and January are the best, though the crowds do pick back up for the holidays. Nothing says Christmas like a snowy day in France or Germany as you stroll through the market stands drinking hot chocolate. Hotels and flights do increase their prices for the Christmas season, but several airlines offer holiday deals if you book well in advance. The increased prices are worth it if you think about how much you will get to enjoy during the holidays in true European fashion.

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The busiest time to travel throughout Europe is in the summer (June - August). After long and dark winter months, travelers from all over the globe flock to these regions for some sightseeing and warm weather. Depending on what country you are traveling to, discounts and cheap accommodations may be hard to come by. For those traveling solo, staying in a hostel is usually the most budget-friendly option. If you truly wish to spend time in Europe during the  summer months, book as much of it as you can in advance to avoid overly expensive airfare and hotel accommodations.

Whether you opt for a ski trip in the Swiss Alps or a warm and sunny getaway in the Mediterranean, Europe has something for every traveler. If you need help planning your European vacation or have questions about the peak seasons, please contact us. Our experienced advisors would love to chat with you about their European experiences and offer insight to help you plan your dream getaway across the pond!

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