Taking Camping to the Next Level!

Throughout 2019, we have seen several new vacation trends and different types of travel because, let’s be honest, the days of one-size-fits-all vacations are over. Travelers want to experience the beauty of the world on a more personal level without having to give up modern luxury. When you put two and two together the very popular vacation known as glamping was born.

Now you might be thinking: what in the world is glamping? Is that even a word?

And the answer is yes! Glamping (glamorous camping) is a new style of camping where modern amenities and comfort merge with stunning landscapes and natural settings from around the world. In this modern age, travelers want to truly experience the local culture and immerse themselves into the nature around them. But, they also want top of the line luxury and all the comforts a resort, which is why glamping is so unique. And it isn’t just staying in an oversized tent.

Several destinations around the world offer their own unique take on the glamping movement. Guests can stay in a yurt on a mountaintop, wake up in a tree-house overlooking the African plains, or stay at an eco-lodge with nothing but nature around them. The possibilities are expansive.

A few destinations we have on our radar include:

The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana which recently earned the 5-Star Travel Guide Award from Forbes. With fall and winter coming up, this destination offers several activities for the holidays as well as other amazing amenities beyond its stunning accommodations. Did someone say cabin tents?

Alabaster Acres in Ontario, Canada offers two luxurious glamping getaways: The Copper Retreat and The Gunmetal Getaway. Guests can enjoy all the luxuries of a cozy cabin resort while also experiencing the beauty of the tranquil forest and sitting beside a campfire.

Peru EcoCamp is the first eco-friendly, self-sustainable, luxury camping experience in all of Peru and has five perfect stars on TripAdvisor. Located along the iconic Vilcabamba Mountain Range, visitors can stay in one of the eco-dome campsites, complete with stunning views without making a carbon footprint.

The Wahwahtaysee Resort is located within 100 acres of wilderness near the San Marcos River about 50 miles south of Austin, Texas. Guests can know what it’s like to stay in a safari tent while sleeping in a king size bed. This resort is very family friendly and boasts several activities ranging from forest hikes to walks along the beach.

These are just a few resorts that have popped up on our radar that we love, but there are dozens more, several of them located right here in the USA. The best part is most of these resorts provide everything you need for a nice getaway experience, so the days of lugging your tent and camping gear around are over. You still get all the natures and great outdoors your heart desires, all the while sitting in the lap of luxury and glamour. 

We hope this guide to glamping was helpful. As always, if you have any questions about glamping or want to plan your getaway trip, please contact us! Our travel advisors would be more than happy to chat with you!

*Pictures courtesy from of websites.

Katelyn Mitchell