When most people think of Costa Rica, images of pristine sandy beaches, calm ocean waves, lush jungles, and exotic wildlife come to mind. There are very few places out there that offer front door access to both the ocean and the rainforest while also offering luxurious accommodations and royal treatment. The Tulemar Resort is one of those rare gems. Located in the charming town of Manuel Antonio, this full-service resort is nestled within the world famous 33-acre Tulemar Gardens property. As of now, it is the only licensed hotel operation on the property and was chosen as the Traveler’s Choice for Best Hotel in the World in 2019 on TripAdvisor. With so many amenities, excursion options, and luxurious treatments, you will see why Tulemar was granted these honors.

Located about 3 hours south of San Jose, the town of Manuel Antonio gives guests of the resort an authentic island feel with easy access to restaurants, souvenir shops, ATMs, and small cafes. The town itself is one main road that begins just outside of downtown Quepos and continues to end at the Manuel Antonio National Park, which is adjacent to the public beach.

When guests arrive in Costa Rica, they will fly into the San Jose International Airport and will have many transportation options to get to the resort. Transfers can range from charter flights and private vans to shared transfers and rental cars, but rest assured your Classic Travel Connection Advisor will be able to help you determine which transfer is best for your adventure. And do not worry about getting around Manuel Antonio once you arrive at Tulemar. Most places, including the beach and some restaurants are walk-able and Tulemar has its own complimentary shuttle service within the resort, ready to take you to the front gates, beach, or anywhere in between.

The most unique thing about this resort would have to be the accommodations. All except eight of the bungalows and villas are individually owned, allowing guests to experience what it is like to have their own private, jungle treehouse. Without being attached to a central building like other resorts, each bungalow and villa within Tulemar will gives guests a sense of seclusion, like you are the only one around. Lush greenery and the sound of ocean waves and wildlife seem to be your only company. Whether you are celebrating a romantic getaway, honeymoon, or family trip, there is a bungalow or villa for everyone. For small families or those looking to save some money, the cozy bungalows are for you. First built back in the 1980s, the decor is a bit more rustic than the giant villas, yet most have been updated and are continually being enhanced to suit guests. Though less expensive, each one still offers spectacular panoramic views of the ocean and rainforest. Guests who stay in the bungalows can experience the same luxurious treatments and high-end services of Tulemar as those who stay in the villas. The villas also have several options ranging in size and budget. Certain villas can fit up to ten guests with a fully functioning kitchen, living space, and dining area all the while drawing the eye to the floor-to-ceiling windows that allow the amazing views in. Other villas are designed specifically for couples and honeymooners, with cozy and romantic decor that house patios overlooking the Costa Rican landscape. Villas can range from $125 to $2,000 a night, making staying at Tulemar suitable for any budget. Whether your dream reservation is a cozy one bedroom with a private balcony or an expansive living area with a patio hot tub and hammock, Tulemar Resort has luxury to spare.

As tempting as it can be to stay in your bungalow or villa the entire time, the resort has plenty for guests to indulge in. Though several accommodations have private pools, Tulmar also has four resort pools, three family-friendly and one adult exclusive for guests to enjoy. A bit further within the resort is the exclusive Tulemar Beach, which is the only private beach in the region. Complimentary to guests, the resort’s beach provides lounge chairs, umbrellas, kayaks, boogie boards and towel service. Don’t want to leave the beach for lunchtime? Tulemar’s Beach Bar and Grill serves delicious lunch favorites and signature cocktails so you can continue to enjoy the warm sand and ocean breeze. If you want dining that is a little nicer, the Tule Cafe is open for breakfast, lunch, and dinner that once again draws the eye to the amazing ocean views.

For those wanting to explore the lush rainforest, Tulemar has dozens of hiking trails within the resort and guests can also explore the neighboring Manuel Antonio National Park for the chance to spot monkeys, exotic birds, and the infamous sloths. Exclusively to Tulemar guests, The Sloth Institute of Costa Rica has partnered with the resort to provide information and take guests on The Sloth Walk, where you are destined to see sloths in their natural habitat.

Other activities within and around Tulemar Resort are full of exciting adventures and fun. Paddleboard excursions, sport-fishing, surf lessons, ziplining, white water rafting, horseback riding, jet ski tours, and the popular snorkeling tour are just a few of Manuel Antonio’s activities and can be booked with the help of your Classic Travel Connection Advisor. When the sun goes down, jungle night tours and night paddleboard tours are available for guests to see the ocean and rainforest after dark. Within the resort itself, photography classes and portrait sessions, as well as cooking classes are available to small groups and guests who choose to stay in Tulemar.

After a long day out on the water or hiking through the rainforest, you can work out those sore muscles by booking Tulemar’s on-site spa services for a chance to relax and unwind. Done in the comfort of your own bungalow or villa, the resort’s massage therapists are able to personalize your experience and help you destress from the day. With options ranging from full body massages to facials and wraps to manicures and pedicures, guests can walk away feeling lighter and ready for their next experience. The resort even offers the option of having a full “Spa Day,” with lunch and champagne provided, of course!

With personalized attendance and private luxurious treatments, The Tulemar Resort has plenty for everyone. Due to the resort’s unique approach to the term “hotel” and its close knit community, you are sure to get the best treatment all the while experiencing everything Costa Rica has to offer. Their fully equipped staff and concierge service is available to help you and your family or spouse have the best vacation, inside the resort and out on the town of Manuel Antonio. If you would like more information on the Tulemar Resort and Costa Rica, please let us know, our travel advisors would be more than happy to help you plan your dream vacation!